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The East Baton Rouge District Attorney’s Office successfully traded one life in for two. On November 19, 2015 at 10pm, Jarret McCasland was convicted of Second  Degree Murder and given a mandatory life sentence without the possibility of parole under the vague statute intended for major drug dealers not users.  This law has "only" been pursued in

Jarret McCasland's case.


The prosecutors presented their case to the jury which based their decision not on evidence, toxicology or autopsy results, nor expert opinions or credible witnesses. 

In fact the jury selection took longer than the trial itself. 98% of the people summoned stated they disagreed with the law, Bill 191, leaving the prosecutors speechless.
The jurors were sent to deliberate and make a verdict after 14 hours of nonsense.

This trial was rushed due to the fact that most of the jurors stated during the selection process that they had plans for the upcoming holiday & needed it to be over before Friday. Seriously. A charge that accompanies a sentence known as a Living Execution was asked to be addressed immediately following the closing arguments at 9pm, all while having the pressure of knowing that the judge, guards, attorneys & everyone else were sitting around waiting on an answer so that they could go home, home to their families, the opportunity Jarret & 10+ family members were robbed of that night. It's apparent by their verdict & uncontrollable yawns, the jurors' interest left long before being dismissed. Is this fair? Although Jarret was scared & confused, immediately after hearing the verdict he tried to shake the hands of the prosecutors & they refused him. Telling of the character of the prosecution. 
Think about how the decision to take away the life of a 26 year old man was taken into consideration by the "State of Louisiana." Not to mention the DA was up for reelection the next week. The DA used Jarret McCasland as the poster child for the war on drugs by misusing Bill 191 and sentencing an innocent man to life in jail. The prolonged harassment by the prosecution and blatant lies constantly being reported to the media leads one to believe that they did all they could to build this case up using fabrication for political gain. Otherwise, there wasn't a case at all.
Facts & evidence are vital in cases that involve the loss of a life. 

I ask that you pay close attention to the details. The following information was provided to the jury by both sides with the exception of one minor detail; Jarret was indicted on this particular charge due to a statement provided to a Grand Jury under oath that was coincidentally retracted the Thursday evening prior to the Monday morning trial. So basically Jarret was indicted on a confessed lie & yet the case continued...

Time Line:

2am:  Jarret leaves Flavia (AKA Cathy) Cardenas House.

3-4am: Cathy (Flavia) was snoring (mother stated this was her normal for her). distinctively different from what they call the "death rattle."

9am: Cathy's mother wakes up.
10:30am: Cathy's mother called neighbor over because Cathy was unresponsive.

10:40am: neighbor called 911 & stated Cathy was without pulse & had no signs of
rigor mortis, stiffening, which begins in the jaw & eye lids within 30min-2 hours after death.

10:45am: EMS arrived & took over CPR, they noted the same as the neighbor. Transferred to hospital.

11:10am: ER doctor & nurses stated the body was warm, one of the numerous puncture sites on Cathy's arm was oozing fresh blood from a recent injection, her eyes were dilated but NOT fixed (eyes were still reactive to light) & there were no signs of rigor mortis.

Pronounced dead, at the hospital.

The pathologist documented on the autopsy report that it was an "accidental drug overdose" and the cause of death was "toxicity of heroin & other drugs" (found in Cathy's system-Cocaine, Heroine, Marijuana, Xanax, Suboxone, Alcohol).The pathologist also admitted during cross examination that the blood drawn had been transported in the incorrect test tube 3 days post mortem which he also stated would give inaccurate toxicity results/levels. He also failed to swab the brown paste substance he notated in his findings which he concluded could have been heroin residue as a result of snorting the drug.

investigator found no drug paraphernalia in or outside of the home, the home & bedroom were immaculate & they found Cathy's phone in the backyard shed; mother stated she placed itthere around 9:30am "so she couldn't call Jarret"...

What happened between 9am-10:30am?Where was the drug paraphernalia? Doesn't add up...what also doesn't add up is that her mother had 3 statements that completely contradicted themselves as did her bilingual capabilities.

The state's expert believes Cathy was injected between 1:30-1:45am & died at 5:30am so that it would put Jarret present and the blame onto him. If that were so, we're all in trouble!! That would mean all the healthcare professionals that came in contact with Cathy that day cannot tell whether or not someone is dead.

Jarret's expert believes Cathy died between 8-10:30am immediately following an injection of either cocaine, heroin or both & that is based on the 3-4am snoring, the lack of

rigor mortis, the oozing of fresh blood, the lack of blood on the sheets that would've been present had she been bleeding from a 1:45am injection, the toxicity levels of each drug & the fact that her eyes were dilated but not yet fixed upon her arrival to the hospital. Also, the ER reports state a drug by the name of Naloxone was given to Cathy (in hand) in an attempt to reverse an opiate overdose which clearly indicated she hadn't been dead since 5:30am.

So Jarret McCasland is being charged with the murder of his then fiancé who died 9.5 hours after he left her home. Mind blowing!! I hope the sound of Jarret calling out "DADDY" & our dad responding "SON" right before they hugged one another for their last time echoes in the minds of the DA, his prosecutors, Judge Don Johnson, & the 12 jurors when they lie down at night like it does my mother & I.

The statute is for drug dealers yet the 2 suppliers found both in Cathy's phone & confirmed by her best friend, have yet to be contacted. This is important as one of the two were proven to have fronted heroine to Cathy at a gas station minutes before her & Jarret arrived at her home (11:00pm). Cathy's drug problem was no secret. Hospital records presented to the jury indicated she had been treated for a drug overdose (synthetic heroin) in 2012, long before she met Jarret

​An  excellent question asked by an intelligent juror that the District Attorney could not answer... "LETS SAY I GAVE MY CHILD ONE OF MY PAIN PILLS FOR A TOOTHACHE OR MY WIFE A SLEEPING PILL AT HER REQUEST & FOR SOME REASON THEY HAD TO SEEK MEDICAL ATTENTION FOR EITHER AN ALLERGIC REACTION OR TOO HIGH OF A DOSAGE, WOULD I BE CHARGED WITH ATTEMPTED MURDER?" Yes sir, you would be under this law even though you had no intentions or bad will!

So with that being said, if you agree that the law is too vague to fall under such a title of Second Degree Murder, one that accompanies a life sentence without the possibility of parole,

PLEASE STAND UP FOR JARRET AND FOR YOUR FAMILY!! LET'S GET JARRET HOME AND THIS LAW CHANGED!! If this law is actually pursued in the way it was with Jarret, it will only be a matter of time before everyone will be in Jarret's shoes or the shoes of his family.

Incarceration is NOT the answer to the world's drug problem. What addicts need is TREATMENT; rehabilitation, education. They cannot get past the past behind bars & they surely cannot overcome their addiction sitting next to the violent criminals who deserve the punishment handed down to them. LET'S GET THIS RIDICULOUS CONVICTION OVERTURNED!! Jarret does NOT deserve to be the poster child for the State of Louisiana to "scare drug dealers" ...the joke is on them as the only message this sends to the public is that you will get the same punishment being an acquaintance to an addict as you would if you purposely shot someone. EXCEPT EVEN THAT WOULD BE CONSIDERED MANSLAUGHTER AND WORST CASE , CARRY A